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Wall of Thanks
Volunteers, Donors, and Monthly Members
Editorial and Publishing Support:

Toby Johnson and Will Fellows, editors, Michael Bronski, Kenneth Page, Will Roscoe, the late Mark Thompson

Board Members: 

Richard Gange, longtime curriculum advisor, Jeffrey Mintzer, Shawn Berkowitz (past)

Workshop, Reading, and Special Event Hosts:

Chris Babcock and Chip Gagnon, Shawn Berkowitz and Jim Ognibene, Steve Bolia and Rob Dorgan, Merv Chaplin and the Suicide Prevention Awareness Fund, Bob Dailey, Buck Dodson, Frank Faine, Will Fellows and Bronze Quinton, California Men's Gathering and Jamie Simmons, Peter Jabin, Toby Johnson and Kip Dollar, Patrick Lanahan, Living Soulfully chapters in Boston and Hartford, Gordon McGregor, Lloyd Meeker, Chris Michaels and the Fort Lauderdale Center for Spiritual Living, Michael Parise, Michael Patrick, Patrick Slattery, John Stasio, Gerald Takano, Michael Walczak.

Donors $1,000 and Up

Anonymous foundation, Keith Pettey, Bronze Optical in Milwaukee, Shawn Berkowitz, Richard Gange, Jeffrey Mintzer, William Brochinsky, Rick McCarthy and Franc Castro, NorthStar Psychological + Consultation Services 


Robert Birch, Craig Bodoh, Merv Chaplin, Randall Chase, Patrick Curtin, Mike Fitzpatrick, Jeffrey Hammerquist, Toby Johnson, Bernie Kettle, Francine Ladd, Jeffrey McCain, Lloyd Meeker, Patrick Noon, Michael Parise, Shelby Smith, David Stanforth, Taylor Stevens, David Welch.

Donors Up to $1,000

Anonymous, James Ashton, David Aurelio, Perry Brass, Nicholas Calamusa (in memory of Joe Stalzer), James Christopher, Doug Clouse, Robert Connolly, Jeffrey DaPuzzo, Frank Faine, Peter Epstein, Peter Gallagher, James Garrity, Richard Hartgrove, Peter Jabin, Chris Kaiser, Richard Lacasse, Charles Latovich, Joel Leggett, Daniel Llata, Patrick McNamara, Bruno Mendez, Robert Morehouse, Jim Ognibene, Eveline Pothof, Peyton Pugmire, Camilo Ramirez, Thomas Reilly, Marguerite Rigoglioso, William Salem, Garry Schleifer, Dan Schreiner, David Shakun, Joe Stalzer, William Sullivan, Frank Sunder, Gerald Takano, Dana Torrey, Donald Yasi, Noland Wells.

Special Mentions

Chris DiGiorgio, 501c3 support * David A. Cox, videography * Easton Mountain, fiscal sponsorship * Gay Coaches Alliance * Joyce Isabelle, fundraising mentorship * Steve Katsurinis, legal assistance * Joseph Mondello, videography * Allen Siewert, graphic design * William Smith, Gay Life After 40 *  Provincetown United Methodist Church *  Bureau of General Services/Queer Division * Triangle Community Center
All contents copyright © 2017 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.

Seattle, WA:
Peter Jabin
Dennis McCarthy

Orlando, FL:
Frank Faine
Gil Arnold

Asheville, NC:
William Brochinsky

Austin, TX:
John Fleming
Jeffery Loehring
Jody Slagle

Cleveland, OH:
Steven Karaiskos
David Phillips

Fort Lauderdale, FL:
Lloyd Meeker
Patrick Noon

Indianapolis, IN:
Matthew Grant

Art Committee

John Johnston, 
Graphic Designer,
Los Angeles

James Palmer,
New York

Shelby Smith,
New York