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Mission and Vision


Gay Men of Wisdom promotes awareness and understanding of the value of gay men’s differences – and all human differences by extension; harnesses the power of gay men’s gifts for personal and social good; fosters nurturing relationships among gay men; and seeks to leave a legacy of intergenerational connections and transfer of wisdom among men-who-love-men.


Gay men serve an evolutionary purpose on the planet. Our attributes and ways of being are gifts we bring to the world and some of our most important contributions. We envision a time in which the role of the gay man is honored and respected in every culture on the globe. 
"Gay Men of Wisdom is a radical notion that calls forth something profound and transformational in a social group that has been marginalized and maligned for ages. 

The context that Ray creates is a womb for a new birth: the birth of an emerging Soul that comes here to bless the world with Its unique and necessary gifts. 

The sexualization of gay men is a partial truth. Ray is calling for the spiritualization, which will revolutionize the gay male experience."
All contents copyright © 2016 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.