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Living Out Your Gifts
Session Topics

Living Out Your Gifts guides participants through a deeply personal exploration of the 14 Distinct Gay Male Gifts. Session topics are as follows:

Session 1, Introduction 
Session 2, Masculine-Feminine Intelligence
Session 3, A Gentle, Collaborative Social Orientation

Session 4, An Orientation toward Service
Session 5, Religious Reformers and Spiritual Leaders
Session 6, Teachers of Compassion, Generosity, & Authentic Masculine

Session 7, Models of Forgiveness
Session 8, Friends, Soul Mates, Co-Revolutionaries w/Straight Women
Session 9, Esthetic Outsiders & Gender Tricksters: Art of Camp & Drag

Session 10, Modeling Sustainable Manhood
Session 11, Sexual Leadership
Session 12, Fine Attunement to Beauty, Creators & Keepers of Culture

Session 13, A "Gay" Spirit
Session 14, Models of Authenticity & Courage, Cleansers of Shame
Session 15, Outsiders Driving Evolutionary Advancement
Session 16, Conclusion 

The group runs for 3 weeks in a row, then takes a break, when participants meet with a buddy in the off week. 

Because the group meets for 16 sessions, there is typically one stretch when the group meets four sessions in a row. Groups sometimes take two weeks off for the December holidays. See each group schedule for details.

All contents copyright © 2018 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.
What Participants Are Saying about the Experience

"There has been a collective tone of understanding in our group. We have grown to appreciate each other for who we are. We've come to see the need for each of us to express our inherent wisdom and not let it go to waste. I think we are all a bit more ambitious because we have shared this experience. "

--Bill B.


"It has been several years since I've sat in a room with my fellow gay men, sharing openly about matters of the heart, body, mind, soul, and spirit, while consistently saying to myself, "Yes! I feel that way too!" This program has helped me recognize and awaken the gifts I have had all along."

--Buck D.
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