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Celebrating Gay Manhood
A Weekend Intensive
What if your way of being a man represented the future of manhood?

What would change in your life if you recognized that you are 
a teacher for other men?

Welcome to Celebrating Gay Manhood

​In this weekend program, you will discover how you embody Sustainable Manhood— a form of manhood that all men will need to adopt if human beings are to survive on the planet. Using the 14 Distinct Gay Male Gifts as a guide, you will explore:

  • Your Masculine-Feminine Intelligence—how you master the entire range of human expression
  • Your different social orientation—and the contributions it enables you to make
  • How you embody the archetypal qualities of good men

The program will include a powerful ritual that will help you release the messages, fears, and threats you have taken on from men. A guided visualization will lead you to a deeper understanding of your valued form of manhood. A meditation will give you a body-centered understanding of your Distinct Gay Male Gifts. We’ll end with a closing circle that honors each man.

What You Can Expect

By participating in Celebrating Gay Manhood, you will:

  • Develop new self-respect for how you embody manhood
  • See how you are a full equal to—and teacher for—other men
  • Gain confidence around other men
  • Free yourself from limited ideas about what it means to be a man
  • Discover how the things that make you unique as a gay man are strengths

When and Where

JUNE 28-30, 2019

Frog Meadow Bed and Breakfast
Newfane, Vermont

Details and registration

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"I have a greater acceptance of my own masculinity and manhood without reservation, without judgment, without apology. I am a man worthy of recognition for my own gifts. I have more confidence engaging with straight men, more willingness to share my gay gifts with straight men and help them balance their own path and energy."

--Shawn B.

Testimonials from Past Participants