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Gay Men and The New Way Forward
The Ideas Behind the Brotherhood
Gay Men and The New Way Forward, written by Raymond L. Rigoglioso, the founder and executive director, provides the foundation for the Gay Men of Wisdom experience.

Organized around the 14 Distinct Gay Male Gifts, this book explores the roles that gay men play and why our form of consciousness is needed on the planet at this critical time. Written as an invitation to self-discovery, it contains a self-assessment of the 14 Distinct Gay Male Gifts so you can see where you fit into this story.

Read what notable writers and gay leaders have to say about the book.

​Here are some free resources from the book to help you kickstart your journey to self-discovery:

All contents copyright © 2019 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.
Available at:

Amazon.com (print and Kindle)

Smashwords.com (for all e-book formats except for Kindle)

At the iBooks Store, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble online

Select independent bookstores. If you prefer to support your local bookstore, ask a store employee to order the book. It is available on Ingram's I-Page system, which most bookstores can order through.
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