Unity Consciousness, Gay Men, and The Great American Division : Words to the Wise
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Raymond L. Rigoglioso
Founder and Executive Director
All contents copyright © 2019 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.

Unity Consciousness, Gay Men, and The Great American Division

by Raymond Rigoglioso on 02/02/16

Lately I dread reading the news or turning on social media. What will the candidate of the moment say now? How inflammatory, offensive, hateful, and arrogant will any of the bunch be?

I really want to blame the media. And yes, certain outlets bear a huge responsibility for dutifully and unquestioningly spreading hatred across the land. But this trend is bigger than that. It’s a crisis of consciousness. Hatred spreads because people allow it to spread. It infects hearts and minds like a virus.

We’re living amid the Great American Division. It’s a brilliant plan to distract us while the oligarchs steal our wealth, rights, and resources. It’s a tried-and-true strategy: divide and conquer.

This time around, the world has a new counterbalancing force: an emboldened, visible gay population. When we look at the larger trends, we can see how LGBT people are leading humanity, kicking and screaming, to choose love over hate. We are much more powerful than we realize.

In the context of the Great American Division, and the Division Consciousness that makes it possible, it becomes clear that gay men possess Unity Consciousness. Whenever I ask gay men to talk about what makes us different, this gift emerges. Just last week, as I looked through the notes from the first cycle of Powerful U, I noticed the clear evidence of Unity Consciousness: 

  • “We know what it’s like to be in other people’s shoes."
  • Diversity does not mean negativity to us. “They” are not the enemy.
  • We empathize with the “other.”
  • The larger world operates on an ethic of punishment, harshness, judgment, lack of empathy, and lack of understanding of others. We provide the antidote to that way of thinking.
  • Gay men raise the joy level.
  • We allow humans to be human. This changes the energy of everyone around us.
  • “I don’t see the right or wrong way. Rather, I see the middle ground.”

The more I do this work, the more I recognize just how influential our Masculine-Feminine Intelligence is. We embody and express duality—the entire range of human experience—within ourselves. As such, we embody and express the unification of humanity. It is as if humanity has birthed our consciousness to bring about its own healing.

Conservatives hate us because of our Unity Consciousness. We threaten the worldview that allows a political-media machine to convince otherwise good people to succumb to their fear of the “other.” Gay men foster understanding and collaboration, healing and empathy, and non-hierarchical ways of relating to others. Division Consciousness cannot survive in such an environment. We interrupt it without even realizing it.

Gay men are not the only ones to possess this gift, of course. And certainly, Division Consciousness can infect us too. The “isms” are alive and well in our tribe. Nothing is 100 percent.

But by and large, when we look at what we do in the world, we see that we bridge divides. We bring people together. We foster mutual understanding. Our tribe is spread among the globe, and so we see ourselves reflected in those whom other people might see as “other.” As such, we possess a unique window into Unity Consciousness.

The solution to the Great American Division looks nothing like the problem itself. We’ll change it by re-opening hearts and minds. That will happen individually, and on a community and global level.

So What Can We Do to Advance Unity Consciousness? 

  •  First, recognize the issue as a problem of consciousness, not just of politics.
  • Look at your own shadow: To what extent has Division Consciousness infected you? How has your heart hardened? By acknowledging your own shadow, you open yourself and others to greater compassion.
  • Reclaim Your Personal Power. The media are designed to steal our power, to leave us feeling hopeless. When we recognize Division Consciousness as a crisis of the American soul—and even of our own—we can take personal responsibility and reclaim our power to create change. By courageously opening our hearts, we invite others to open theirs.
  • Talk About It on the Personal Level. Don’t allow politicians and the media to own and frame this debate. Talk about Division Consciousness as a crisis of the American soul, as a closing of hearts and minds.
  • Challenge People Who Have Closed Their Hearts. With compassion, talk about the human toll the Great Division costs us. Invite people to consider the humanity in those who they see as “other.”
  • Honor Your Shamanic Role. Recognize the duality you possess, the bridge that you offer to others, the influence you have on those around you. Set a sacred intention to serve as a vessel for unity and understanding. Express this intention on your job, in your relationships, and in your daily interactions.
Times like these call for Unity Consciousness activism. Let’s raise the vibration and join with others who share this same call. 


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