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Living Out Your Gifts
In-Person Community Groups
Your Distinct Gay Male Gifts benefit the people around you whether you recognize their impact or not. Gay men:

  • Introduce collaboration into hierarchy. 
  • Bring different perspectives and critical ways of thinking, which people in the majority often overlook. 
  • Model empathy, which helps resolve conflicts that ensnare others in struggle.
  • Create culture disproportionate to our numbers.
  • Possess an open, "gay" spirit, which unleashes love and invites human connections.

Living Out Your Gifts groups provide a shared exploration where you can discover your Distinct Gay Male Gifts and the impact you have on the people around you. When you recognize how you benefit others on your job, and in your family and community, you discover that those differences you may have struggled to accept in yourself are exactly what humanity needs most.

Living Out Your Gifts groups are designed as drop-ins. Just show up! Whether you've taken other Gay Men of Wisdom programs, or if this is your first time, Living Out Your Gifts groups will help you discover the deeper meaning of being gay.

​A donation of $15 for each session is requested, but any donation is welcome. No one is turned away for inability to pay.
All contents copyright © 2016 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.
Living Out Your Gifts Was Formerly Offered as Powerful U. Here's What Past Participants 
Had to Say:
"I feel more internally powerful, more self-assured, and more content with myself and my way of being. I am proud of who I am and comforted by my tribe. I am thus able to venture outward with more confidence."

--Shawn B.