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Gay Men of Wisdom
Building Brotherhood through Purpose
Gay men share a range of traits that differentiate us from other men. These differences, which emerge in early childhood, enable us to play important and vital roles in our work environments, families, and communities.

When we recognize the impact of our differences, we begin to understand how being gay is a gift. In doing so, we discover the hidden purpose of being gay.

Gay Men of Wisdom is a nonprofit organization that helps gay men discover their distinct gifts and use them for social good. Based on Raymond Rigoglioso's groundbreaking book, Gay Men and The New Way Forward, Gay Men of Wisdom creates community around a shared sense of discovery and purpose.

If ever the world needed gay men's gifts, that time would be now.

Welcome to Gay Men of Wisdom. We invite you to join us.
Raymond L. Rigoglioso
Founder and 
Executive Director
All contents copyright © 2016 Raymond L. Rigoglioso.
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What Are Your
Distinct Gay Male Gifts?

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